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Farlig nivå 10
Typ: Browser Hijacker
Gemensamma infektionssymtom:
  • Ändrar bakgrunds inställningar
  • Kopplar upp mot Internet utan din tillåtelse
  • Visa kommersiell annonser
  • Normala system program crash direkt
  • Konstig Verktygs list installerad utan din tillåtelse
  • Långsam Internet uppkoppling
  • System crashes
  • Kan inte ändra min hemsida
  • Störande popup meddelanden
  • Trög Dator
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FrontHomePagez.com (FrontHomePagez.com/security/xp/, FrontHomePagez.com/security/vista/) – denna sida är en webbläsar kapare. Oftast så dyker FrontHomePagez.com upp efter en infektion av den Trojanska hästen Zlob inträffat. FrontHomePagez.com startar varje gång användaren startar om Windows. FrontHomePagez.com visa upp stora mängder av påhittade fel eller meddelanden och vill övertyga användaren till att ladda ner Antivirus Trigger) FrontHomePagez.com vill försöka att lura användaren till att köpa Falska software. FrontHomePagez.com kommer att visa inte exciterande hot på användarens dator och systyemet. SoftHomePage.com erbjuder falska anti-spion program Antivirus Trigger. FrontHomePagez.com skall man helst inte lita på. Det rekommenderas att Användare håller sig långt borta från denna sida!

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  1. christoffer ekman Mar 24, 2009

    japp, precis detta som hänt mig, omöjlig o ta bort förfan!

  2. Fotini Dec 14, 2015

    First of all, your PR is amazing! I am like you, excpet that I spend most of the race thinking about what I will eat after. Then, as soon as I feel that rush of finishing, I want to sign up for twelve more races. I'm jealous that you have so many awesome options. When I lived in DC they constantly had races, but now that I'm living in the Midwest it's like they don't do races here. Keep it up on the yoga and strength front because that will keep you balanced!

  3. Tiffany Dec 14, 2015

    Why do you run? The answer to that

  4. Laura Dec 18, 2015

    Normally I am ready to keep going with training after a race. I am loknoig forward to this first marathon so I can hopefully drop back just a little and add in a lot more strength work. I really need to tone this bod but can't seem to devote the time when I'm running this much. Of course, if I miss my goal I'll probably have to keep going because I have a goal to reach. My brain basically never stops with the obsessions.Jessica R recently posted..

  5. Isma Dec 19, 2015

    I made the mistake of

  6. Osiris Dec 19, 2015

    i'm not running anhtoer half for a while, i just have to pull this off with my goal of a 2:05, which turned out to be 2hrs, 11minutes off my last. But i already signed up for healthy kidney and looking for a fall half. I want to run a sub 2hrs like you and ann! I've been pigging out all week i told myself yesterday it's done and today i'm back on track!

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